Return to the Yukon

August 30, 2012

From the Lake Creek Yukon Campground we drive 4 hours before entering White Horse.  This is the city where we lost our reverse and stayed for a week in July waiting for a part.   Dick wants to stop by the auto repair shop to say hello to the 2 mechanics that originally diagnosed our problem.  They are both surprised and excited to see us and happy to hear that we are back on the road with a functioning vehicle.

This whole day is déjà vu for me as I remember all these familiar streets and stores as if it were yesterday.  A bright sunny day awaits and Dick wants to take advantage of it and get on the road, planning to reach Watson Lake by 7 P.M. which is another 4 ½ from here.

This is the same route we took on our way over, so there is nothing that we haven’t seen before.  No animal sightings today, other than a bald eagle which we happen to spot when we were in White Horse on Fish Lake Rd.  The same area where we saw the immature bald eagle in July.  Could it be the same one?

At 7 P.M.( just as Dick predicts)Watson Lake comes into view.  The Downtown RV Park is great as it has Wi-Fi, full hook-ups and within walking distance of the lake.  But the best part; the T.V. works in our RV and Dick is now involved with Thursday Night Football!  Seahawks VS Raiders. Also, we can catch up on national news.

One incident.  While driving on an extremely bumpy road, Dick’s carton of medical supplies tips over onto our unmade made.  I don’t find out the damage until we arrive at our campground.  There is a bottle of Dayquil that opened up and the sticky orange fluid spilled on our recently washed white cotton duvet!

Luckily, there is a Laundromat here and the pleasant owner exchanges my quarters for “loonies” (Canadian dollars).  I find it curious that the owner of the RV park, is from Scotland, works in the Yukon Territories and is leaving in 5 weeks for his home near Palm Springs, CA.

We are looking forward to our drive tomorrow as there will be  unexplored roads and new adventures.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jim Peters
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 14:28:25

    How about those Seahawks, Dick, 4 and 0 in preseason! Love your blogs and following your trip, Joyce. Getting closer to Bend, yay! I leave for Maui on 9/18, will you be back before that? Jim


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