Good-bye Alaska

August 29, 2012

A phone call at 7 A.M. wakes us from a deep sleep.  It is the guy from Midas Muffler telling us he found the part for our brakes; $700!  With all the monies going towards this vehicle as of late, our answer is “no thanks.”

After a final check of our transmission at B & B Auto, we are free to move on!  It is a spectacular day.  Blue skies and sunlight so dazzling we need sunglasses to protect our eyes.

The day does not disappoint.  There are stunning vistas in each and every direction.  Alaska was, and still is, one of my  top 3 places I have visited in the world.  In my opinion, it is nature at its best, and oh so pristine.

It is a day of driving and I even take my turn at the wheel.  Having left Anchorage at 9 A.M this morning, we finally pull into the Lakeview Campground at 7:30 P.M.  Crossing over into Canada, we set our clocks ahead one hour, so we are now on Pacific time, same as California.

I am in bed reading at 10:30 P.M. and fall asleep shorty after.  I awake 2 hours later, but Dick is not by my side.  He is sitting outside under a full moon, the campfire dying out hours ago.  I call to him and finally he drags himself into the RV.  I think he is sad that our journey is coming to an end.

I think the most frustrating thing on the trip is Dick’s inability to hear (or listen?) to me.  His hearing is becoming worse each day and my voice is not very loud, making for a difficult combination.  At times I have to yell at him as I read from the Milepost.  I do not like to turn and face him when I speak because that entails taking my eyes off the road and I am not comfortable with Dick’s driving.  He becomes distracted easily and turns his head in various directions while looking for animals and other scenic temptations.

Matanuska glacier


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