August 27, 2012

It is 6:45 A.M. and Dick takes off from the Golden Nugget Campground on our way to the B & B auto Repair.  The shop doesn’t open until 8 A.M. but Dick wants to be there when the workers arrive.

I am still in bed and under the covers when Dick thoughtfully pulls up to a Starbucks.  I grope for my clothes in the dark, get dressed and lazily stroll into the coffee shop.

Once at the auto shop, Bobby, a young mechanic greets us and drives the RV into the work area.  He is wearing dark blue overalls with his name embroidered on his pocket.  His co-worker drives us to a nearby restaurant (it’s raining) and Dick & I order breakfast.  There is Internet access and Dick plugs in his laptop so he can catch up on some of our business issues in Santa Barbara.

After an hour of sitting, I become antsy.  Luckily the rain has stopped, giving me an opportunity for some much needed exercise.  I walk back to the repair shop to check on the status of the RV and am told by Amy, the blond with that ever so cheery voice “ it is going to take all day and perhaps into tomorrow.”

So, what does one do with 8 hours in an unfamiliar city and no transportation?  I wander back to the restaurant to find Dick still typing away and preoccupied.  “I’m told there is a mall not too far away”, I inform Dick. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

The air is crisp and cool and the mountains rising in the distance; glorious!  I browse through a thrift shop on the way over and once at the mall I look through the different stores.  I hate shopping so I don’t even bother to enter.  There is a cinema located in the center but the movies showing don’t interest me.  Across the street is a bakery, so I spend the next hour reading my book over coffee and a blueberry scone.

My iPhone rings at 3 P.M. and it is Dick. I return to the shop and we are told that the transmission work is not complete.  Hotels here are pricey, especially during the summer and Amy allows us to park our van on the premises and we can sleep here overnight.

B & B is a family owned business and we have met Amy’s mother and father who also work at the shop.  We are now good friends with these people and can laugh about an incident that occurred earlier this morning.  One of the mechanics found a leak in the sewage drain pipe of the RV and when he attempted to fix it, our waste spilled out onto their floor.  What a stink!  It took them some time to clean it up and then humorously said “ just another Monday.”

We decide to eat dinner in the RV and save some money by not dining out again.  Besides, there is an outlet  on the property where we can hook up our electric, so what else could we ask for?


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  1. Spencer Sherman
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 04:27:02

    I wish I were with you! My classes at the main campus started today – not quite as exciting as being stalled in Alaska…


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