“Get in the Hole”

“Get in the hole!”   To most golfing fans, this phrase is familiar, especially during a PGA golf tournament when Tiger woods is competing.  But whenever I hear this, I will always be reminded of my days (and nights) in the RV.  What does this have to do with me and this journey?  I’ll explain.

Since the space in the RV is so tiny, and we seem to get in each other’s way, there is an area with a step in front of the door.  Whenever Dick needs to move around to use the tiny bathroom, get dressed, or make up the bed, the “hole” is where I stay until all is clear.

This morning while checking the news, the death of Neil Armstrong is upsetting as a great American hero is now gone from the world.  I feel lucky that I was alive to witness that very first moon walk.

We have returned to Anchorage and Dick has spent hours looking for a repair shop to check the brakes, but it is Sunday and everything is closed.  Sears Auto is opened, but they do not work on motor homes.

He continues to circle the city looking for campgrounds and following his GPS.  That leads us to 2 that are no longer in the area and that is because the GPS is OUTDATED!  There is nothing but homes on either side of us.  It is now 3 hours later, and still Dick is searching.  During the drive I receive a call from my cousin Kim Marcus.  She and her fiancée are in Florida trying to escape Hurricane Isaac, but good news; she is getting married in September and we are ecstatic!

As the day progresses, my mood is as foul as the weather; rain, gloom and gray skies.  I long for warm, sunny days. To make matters worse, Dick is still circling the city and he finally ends up at the campground I suggested over 3 hours ago!  What can I say?

After securing a spot, we take off in search of an air filter as we are told ours needs replacing.  Not sure if Dick is looking to replace the tires here or not.  (Stay tuned.)

You see, every day is not a bed of roses and I hope you take my feelings as just that, not as complaints.  I wouldn’t trade these last few months of adventure for anything!

I read in today’s paper that a hiker was killed by a grizzly bear in Denali Park, the only death in the six million acre’s park recorded history.  I’m glad we stayed on the bus when we were there!

Sleep is accompanied by the patter of rain drops on our home away from home.

The photo below is Dick washing dishes.



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  1. rb
    Aug 27, 2012 @ 06:26:19

    it really is fun to read your posts. and yes sometimes they sound a little travel-logy. but so what. i like your descriptions, and its not like I’m ever going to get there. thanks


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