Palmer, Alaska

August 24, 2012

This morning under cloudy skies we head towards Palmer.  This city was developed from an agricultural community which produces amazing giant vegetables.

Upon arrival, Dick drops me off at a Laundromat where I am busy with 3 loads of wash.  He drives off to Midas where he has the oil changed and the fluids checked.

After he picks me up, we drive to a chip and windshield repair.  The woman is located off the Old Glenn Highway and she runs her business from her motor home.  With her white latex gloves covering her hands, she begins the procedure.  Her grey hair is pulled back with a silver head band, and I guess her to be in her early 50’s. She is wearing faded blue jeans, a navy blue sweat shirt and her glasses fit loosely on the bridge of her nose.  Dick is watching as her skilled hands continue to work on the crack with ultra violet rays.  She is plain looking, wearing no make- up and I find it humorous that she wears gray socks and red sandals.  When she converses with Dick, I hear a nervous laugh when she explains her procedure.  Thirty-five dollars later, we are back on the road with a clean windshield (she washed it with soap & water) and no visible crack.

On our way to the Matanuska River Park we are met by a female moose on the road.  She seems to be frozen and stares at us for a few moments.  Then she trots off into the bushes.

We connect our utilities at the campground and then it’s off to the Alaska State Fair.  We just happen to be here during this once a year weekend in August.  What an experience. Games, carnival rides, exhibits, food, animals, and a seat ejection chair!  $30 puts you in a chair that lifts you up to about 200 feet and turns you upside down, and lets the gravity force take over.  I could throw up just looking at it.  And I thought bungee cords were crazy!

We see a goat milking exhibition, mechanical bull, acrobats, singers, dancers and then devour a bunch of exotic and delectable food.  There are gigantic home-made cream puffs and other delicacies from every country mentionable.  Also, chocolate dipped bacon on a stick (no thanks).

At 7 p.m. we exit the fairgrounds and head back to our campground.  What timing!  Within minutes the heavy rain begins and it continues all night long.



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