August 11 and 12, 2012

August 11, 2012

It seems as if the more we continue our journey, the more laid back we become.  This morning we don’t leave Discovery Campground until early afternoon with no destination in mind.

The Sterling Highway is both beautiful and scenic with its glaciers, rivers and meadows.  There is a cutoff to the Skilak Lake Loop Road.  This 19 mile road loops through Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area to campgrounds, trails and fishing.  As I gaze upward, I observe a bald eagle on a branch of a birch tree and grab for my camera.

After checking out a few campsites, we settle on Upper Skilak Lake.  We have no view, but a trail close by leads us down to the beach and a magnificent panorama greets our eyes.  There are numerous piles of bear scat on the path which makes me skittish, especially at dusk when these animals come out to feed, so I make my way back to the RV in a hurry!

Since we had eaten a late lunch in Soldotna, we pass on dinner and end the evening reading.

August 12, 2012

Hooray!  The sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear and cloudless.  Dick & I stroll down the pathway to the river.  The partially eaten fish Dick came across last night is still on the shoreline, the remains of what the bear discarded.

There is a couple in their early 60’s sitting on 2 green canvas back chairs sipping their coffee.  They call out to us and thus begins another encounter of traveler adventures.

Walt, wearing jeans, a blue shirt and tan jacket is a retired Air Force pilot.  His beige baseball cap is emblazoned with the words “Bite Me” and there is an embroidered mosquito and the word Alaska  on it.  He and his wife, Honoree live on their boat in North Carolina and are “tenting it” until November.  Their son is a Navy Seal, living on Kodiak Island and they plan to visit him.

Honoree is a petite lady with honey colored hair.  She is wearing grey sweats and a coral shirt.  Her sunglasses hide her eyes.  This couple has many adventurous stories to tell, from fighting off nurse sharks that were in the midst of a feeding frenzy with a moray eel, to swimming with a giant manta ray. (She has a charm of the ray on a necklace hanging around her neck.)    Of course Dick is fascinated by their experiences and I know deep down inside he wishes he could take off for months at a time.

Still waiting for news of our transmission, we head back toward Anchorage on the Seward Highway and detour to a small historic town name Hope; population 151, but 1 mile before we reach the city, I see an RV campsite (Dacha Alaska) that has a grocery store AND laundry, which is much needed.  Also, full hook ups so we can use their electric (for our microwave) and water.

I prepare a late lunch and we eat on the picnic tables at our site.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the town of Hope.


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