Just for the Halibut

August 10, 2012

It is 6 A.M; and the sun is rising in the eastern sky.  I’m sitting on the deck of a fishing boat named “Jackpot.”  On board are 17 other individuals plus 2 crewmen and the captain.  Inside the cabin, a boy of about 10 years old is sleeping, his head resting on his dad’s shoulders.

The 1 ½ hour boat ride takes us to the ideal location to catch halibut.  On our way out of Katchemak Bay, I catch a glimpse of playful sea otters, gulls and cormorants.

The motor stops, anchor is set and we are now ready to try our luck.  Halibut are bottom fish, so attached to our pole is a 3 pound sinker that pulls our fishing lines down 150 feet to the bottom of the water.

The young boy catches the first fish of the day; Dick follows and then one by one all participants are reeling in these flat, white bellied fish as fast as the line hits bottom.  The limit is only two per person, so Dick & I throw back our first catches.  After a few hours, we keep our four biggest halibut and sit back and relax, watching the skillful fileting done by the crew.

At the dock we walk to the processing plant where we have our 20 pounds of halibut frozen, separated into 1 ½ packages and shipped to Michael & Carmen to hold for us until we return to Bend and then home to Santa Barbara.

On the road Dick sees a family of moose.  My question:

If one than one goose is called geese, then why isn’t more than one moose called meese?

Our drive now takes us to Kenai and a lovely campsite named “Discovery Campground.”  The setting reminds me of a rain forest with its lush trees and plants surrounding us.

Having saved a nice halibut filet aside, Dick prepares it on our small barbecue grill for dinner tonight and it is absolutely incredible!  So fresh and tasty.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. nina
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 00:11:38

    Yummy yummy. Sounds like another exceptional day. Love, NINA


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