Glacier and More Driving

August 7, 2012

While lying in our RV bed, Dick & I check our iPhones for Summer Olympic results and the latest news.  I’m saddened to read about Marvin Hamlish and Tony Martin’s death so I play “The Way We Were” and “Stranger in Paradise” in their memory.

Before leaving town, Dick stops at a shop to negotiate on a tomahawk, which he thinks is made from the jawbone of a moose, I wait in the car.  Then another stop at the auto parts store for a lug wrench and we’re on our way.  (For what it’s worth, he purchases the item.)

Eight miles south of Seward is Exit Glacier.  This marvel of nature is 3 miles long and descends some 3,500 feet from the Harding Icefield.  It is both current, with its continual movement, and historical with its compressed lower levels dating back more than 10 centuries ago.  The uphill hike to its face is close to 1.5 miles and well worth the effort, especially when this beautiful iridescent body of ice comes into view.  When the sun reflects on the surface, it is dazzling!

On our way to Soldotna, we pass through various towns along the Kenai River and spot a multitude of fishermen along the banks.  There are caution signs along this highway, warning of moose crossing, but we see none.

Our refuge tonight is the parking lot of Fred Meyer; similar to a Walmart parking lot but not as full of campers and motor homes.

Fred Meyer is an amazing store.  It is filled with all kinds of food, produce, clothing, electronics, jewelry toys and sporting goods!  I browse the store for an hour and then return to the RV for the evening.


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