A Day in Seward

                        August 6, 2012

Brr!  Opening the door to the RV, I’m hit with a blast of wind, rain and cold air.  What is it with this weather?

We call granddaughter Olivia and wish her a happy birthday.   She is eleven years old today and looking forward to a sleep-over tonight with her friends and a camping trip with the family to Mt. Hood tomorrow.

The town of Seward is so quiet and peaceful this morning, almost like a ghost town.  We walk to the downtown area with just a slight drizzle falling upon us.  There are a few attractions in town such as a museum, sea life center, and a public library, but we opt to pass them up.

Let’s not forget the murals.  Seward was named the “Mural Capital of Alaska” in 2008 by  Governor Sarah Palin.  These outdoor artworks are displayed at numerous corner stores through out the town.

From the downtown area we wander over to the small boat harbor and check for tours and fishing expeditions.  Both excursions are way overpriced, so we move on.  Coming down the dock, we are met by a fishing crew pushing a wheelbarrow full of huge halibut and ling cod.  The proud anglers stop and pose for pictures.

After lunch at a seafood restaurant, we meander back to our campground, stopping first on a bridge that crosses over a stream below.  An old timer whose leathery face is partially covered by a thick, coarse beard, skillfully pulls in a huge silver salmon.  His toothless smile reflects the joy of his “catch of the day.”  On the opposite side of the bridge Dick notices a couple of red salmon trying to swim upstream.

Our day concludes in this lovely town of Seward and another chapter of our life has come to a close.


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