On the Road Again

August 4, 2012

It is raining and cold this morning and it seems like winter in July.

First order of the day; Anchorage Market and Festival which occurs every weekend during summer months.  It is held in a huge parking lot and I have never seen so many stalls filled with hand crafted items, jewelry, clothing, produce, Alaskan art, and foods of every kind, from Russian -Dick’s choice- Piroshki to Mexican to Asian.  Cotton candy, fudge, salmon quesadillas, popcorn and so much more. There are belly dancers for entertainment and the throngs of people make it that much more exciting.    Dick buys a mask to add to our collection and we purchase some other souvenirs and gift items.

Next, at the Performing Arts Center a film about the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights).  Not as impressive as I’d hoped it to be.

We both agree to revisit the Information Center where we watch three short films.  A Gathering of Bears, Gold Fever, and The Day the Earth Shook (re; the 1964 earthquake).

August 5, 2012

I speak to Jeong this morning and am excited to hear that she and Morey are taking an Alaskan Cruise from August 18-26 with their family, so maybe we will have a chance to see them!

Our destination today is Seward and on our way we stop in a small town named Girdwood for breakfast.  Spectacular mountains and glacier views are on the agenda.  There is a wildlife conservation center a few miles away where we are able to view moose, caribou, musk ox, grizzly bears and elk.  Plenty to photograph, but not as exciting  as seeing these creatures in the wild.

The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel takes us to Whittier.  This one way tunnel is 2.5 miles long and takes 6.5 miles to drive through.  Lucky for me, I’m not claustrophobic. 

Once in Whittier, we exit our vehicle and stroll through the small town.  Whittier is nestled in the base of mountains that line Passage Canal, a fjord that extends eastward into Prince William Sound.  There are children and grown men fishing along the shore.  The view of the Whittier/Portage Glacier from here is grandiose.

Tonight we park at the Waterfront Campground in Seward and miracles of miracles, Dick is able to reverse the RV into a nice spot overlooking Resurrection Bay.

What I’ve missed so far:

Family & friends, Solstice Parade, Old Spanish Days, Summer Olympics, warm weather, Santa Barbara.                            

What I’ve found so far:                                                                                                                                          

Immense beauty everywhere we travel and a special time with my husband.




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  1. nina
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 00:06:12

    Atta Girl. Love, NINA


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