Transmission on the Way

August 3, 2012

Wow!  At 4 AM, I awaken to the sound of loud rain beating down on the RV.  It is in a way, rather soothing as it spills through the branches of the tall Fir Trees.

By 8 AM, the sun is out and it is a glorious day, although somewhat chilly.  Finally after 3 days of gloomy conditions,  I can now make use of my sunglasses.

At the Visitors Center in downtown Anchorage we view the exhibits and watch a 15 minute film, “Alaska’s Wild Legacy,” followed by a 45 minute walking tour lead by one of the rangers.

We are at the B &B Auto Shop and after the mechanic takes our van for a test drive, he confirms the gear problem, although he tells us that reverse is possible on occasion.  Regardless, Dick orders a new transmission, but the part is coming from Germany and the wait is now 2 weeks!   I’m still ready to continue on, but Dick is taking no chances.

We plan to spend the weekend in Anchorage, then take off in the RV for the Kenai Peninsula and return later in the week, hoping that the part will arrive earlier than expected.

The rest of the day is spent exploring.  A visit to the Anchorage Museum as it is “First Friday” and admission is free.  An hour ride on the trolley tour takes us around the city to various landmarks and places of interest.  And as always, I must have my ice cream fix – Mt. McKinley Blueberry; remember, we are in Alaska!

As careful as Dick is with parking, we run out of luck.  He positioned the van at the end of the street so no one could park in front of him, BUT there is a spot for handicap people and there in front of our camper is a car!  Dick is pissed and I say “please hop in the vehicle and try the reverse.”  With much doubt, he hops in the car and the reverse gear works!

About Dick’s driving; he speeds (got pulled over for speeding in Yellowstone Park), tailgates, takes his eyes off the road to look for sightings (moose & bear), and often steers with one hand, while holding the GPS with the other.  At times I’ve been downright scared.  So you ask, why don’t I drive?  I have driven a few times, but I’m not that comfortable handling such a large vehicle and I drive way too slow for Dick.  He is  more cautious now, as two days ago on our way into Anchorage,  we passed some wrecked vehicles on the road.  The medical examiner’s truck was parked alongside the highway next to a body bag, which left both of us in a dismal mood.

Hey, I’m not really complaining, just stating my personal point of view.  If Dick was writing a blog, you would hear a different perspective.  I admit I have been somewhat nasty at times and there have been (many) days when I have lost my patience .

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?


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  1. John Murley
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 13:18:01

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time up there.The movie Natnl Lampoon Vacation, theres a scene where Clark Griswald drives the family car off the road.Your blog post reminded me of that scene, I posted it on Facebook.


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