Decisions to Make

August 2, 2012

Bad news.  Dick calls at least 8 auto shops and the answer to repair the transmission is either a no or a cost of $6k to $8k!  Plus, the RV would be in the shop for more than a week.  What to do?  Dick is busy making a list of options as buckets of rain are pouring down from the cloudy skies.

While Dick is pondering over the situation, I do a much needed wash at the Laundromat in the campground.

Here’s the latest.  Dick decides to order a new transmission at a coat of $8,000.  It takes 7-10 business days to arrive, but only one day to install.  I’m thinking, with the purchase of the RV, supplies, and repairs along the way this vacation is costing BIG BUCKS!  $$$$  Dick did place calls to our friends in Santa Barbara for suggestions, but in the long run, the final decision rests on his shoulders.

At Costco we pick up groceries and then stop at an auto parts store to buy a jack.  Is it possible we started out on this trip without one?

Searching for an overnight location, we find Centennial Campground.  No hook-ups and not close to downtown, but the price is right and we are surrounded by beautiful trees that back up to a park.

The days here are so long (19 hours of daylight) so we decide to take in a movie.  “Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter.”  A bit gruesome, but I like the way the writer incorporates fact with fiction.

Vietnamese food for dinner and then off to bed.  I think this is the first day since I started this journey that I did not take a single photo.


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