A Day n Haines

July 30, 2012

This morning, after leaving our campsite, we head toward the river to search out more grizzly bear; no luck, so the Hammer Museum in the town of Haines is our next stop.  There are over 1500 hammers to view; from medical, to tradesmen, to automobile, to everyday.  I am amazed at how many there are!

After leaving the library to check the Internet, I spy Dick across the street at an auto body shop.  The salesman behind the counter tells Dick he can send the transmission to Seattle to have it rebuilt at a cost of $4,000 and we only have to wait 2 weeks in Haines!  Dick is ready to close the deal.  “Wait a minute,” I shout. “I’m not spending another day here.   Let’s hit the road and take our chances.  Besides, we have towing service available through our insurance.”

Believe it or not, Dick listens to me and we continue our journey to Haines Junction, 146 miles away.  Heading out of town, we stop at the Haines processing factory where there is an old cannery.  We buy some Smoked King Salmon and I happen to catch some fisherman loading hundreds of cooked Dungeness crab on ice onto wheel barrows.

I make sandwiches and we pull over to a rest area overlooking a lake.  The Milepost guide book recommends a stop at the Takhaune Falls. There is a trail that leads to a boardwalk where the sight of the falls and rapids are stunning.  We are now once again in Yukon Territory.

The Cottonwood RV Park (south of Destruction Bay) is where we spend the night.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dianne Elliott
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 15:25:58

    What do you mean $4,000? It’s time to sell the van, rent a car and continue on your journey, or just don’t put the van in reverse.


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