(Lions and Tigers) and Bears, Oh My!

July 29, 2012

“Yikes!”  I hardly recognize my reflection in the bathroom mirror.  I have not had a haircut in 3 months and it is now pulled back in a tiny pony tail.  The gray is starting to show through and I think I’ve gained 3 pounds!

Today the skies are gray with a 40% chance of rain, but Haines is still beautiful and after eating a breakfast of hot cereal, which I prepare in the RV, we head out to watch the avid fishermen (and women), try their luck at salmon fishing.

A lone sea lion pokes his head out of the water, but no fish are biting.  Further down the road there is another area where we see some fish jumping out of the water, but no one on shore seems to be catching anything.  Even the guys with their waders on who have ventured out into deeper waters have no luck.

Today is the last day of the Alaska State Fair that is in town, so off we go, but on the way out of the fishing area, a stately bald eagle soars above us and alights in a tree for a perfect photo op.

A quick stop at the information center to find out if there is anything else happening, but it is Sunday, and most of the tourist places such as museums are closed.

The fair reminds me of El Mercado during our “Old Spanish Days.”  The band on stage is enjoyable and the booths selling a variety of ethnic foods give off such tantalizing aromas that it’s hard to make a choice.    While Dick nibbles at his sushi, and I delve into my salmon and chips, I realize that where ever we travel the kids I see are all the same; full of laughter and having not a care in the world.

At 4 PM we return to the salmon fishing area as Dick senses we will see a bear.

As I am walking on the roadway to photograph a man fileting a salmon, Dick is shouting my name.  There is a grizzly bear in the bushes!  OMG!  He is huge and frightening.  Turning around, he enters the water and begins searching the area for salmon.  What an opportunity to capture this incredible beast.  Dick finally drags me away and within minutes, there is another grizzly, this one twice the size.  I hop out of the car and join the few other brave photographers, but when the bear begins to rear up; I turn around and run so fast that I could probably win a gold medal at the Olympics for the 100 meter dash!

Back in the RV, we follow the massive creature as he shuffles through the thick brush.  Suddenly he is behind our vehicle and Dick jumps to action with my camera as the grizzly moves around to the side.

Enough excitement for the day?   I should say so and I’m double locking the doors to the RV tonight!

I‘ve tried to post photos on the blog, but for some reason they don’t appear or it is taking so long that I become impatient.  I’ll keep trying, or post them separately.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Alex Pujo
    Jul 31, 2012 @ 00:48:40

    Joyce, keep your distance and don’t poke the bear! We want you back in one piece.


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