The Wait Continues

July 23, 2012

I awake to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the windows of our RV.  Located at the far end of the Walmart parking lot (for lost RV souls) is a Starbucks.  As I sit at a table sipping my cappuccino, Dick opts to stay in the RV and read.

We drive to the Information Center where I call Travis to get an update on our RV.

“The parts won’t arrive until tomorrow on an afternoon flight.  Check again on Monday”, he says in that strange Newfoundland/Yukon accent.

I’m bummed!  Another 3 days of not moving on, so Dick takes us on a scenic drive to Long Lake where we sit in the RV and read.

At 1:00 a decision is made to look for a hotel or other accommodations to give us a break from the campground life.  I acquire a list from the Information Center and after 3 hours of driving around Whitehorse and other neighboring cities (I checked out at least 10 places) we find a delightful B&B named The Red Door Inn.  It is within our budget and located in a town called Riverdale.  The inn has 3 bedrooms and one shared bath.  Rosemary, our hostess is a large woman with short, cropped gray hair.  She is wearing a royal blue blouse and white pants and shows us around her beautifully manicured garden.  Unfortunately her allergies are getting the best of her, so in between her tour, she stops to wipe her weepy eyes with the handkerchief she carries in her pocket.  Her Scotty dog, named Mac is following us around the property.

I heat last night’s Chinese dinner leftovers in her microwave oven and then fall asleep on her Victorian patterned sofa while reading.

The rest of our day is spent at the inn and by 8 PM we have met only one other person who is staying here, a gentleman named Andrew who works for the government.

We may stay at the Red Door Inn another night, but no definite plans as yet.

Oh well, as my heroine Scarlett O’Hara would say “after all, tomorrow is another day.”


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  1. Dianne Elliott
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 04:30:12

    You are a real trouper Joyce, taking this in stride. I am very impressed and my hats of to you (if I was wearing one). Enjoy the larger comforts of a home for a couple of days. Love, D


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