Another Day in Whitehorse

                               July 22, 2012

Today being Sunday, there is no word about our RV parts as the auto repair shop is closed.

We find a restaurant downtown with a T.V. and over breakfast watch Ernie Els win the British Open.

My goal today is to do a load of wash as not since Idaho (at Glenn’s) and Wyoming (at Ed’s) have we not felt it necessary.  A public Laundromat nearby suits our needs and then we continue our explorations.

The Whitehorse Fishway is where we come across the world’s longest wooden fish ladder.  The Chinook salmon use this ladder to get past Whtehorse Dam on their way to the spawning grounds.  Two boys on boogie boards were trying to “surf” the backwash that the large waves were creating from the dam.

Dick is busy reading about the various trails and parks and finds “Fish Lake.”  He spots what he thinks is a golden eagle perched on a tree bark in a marshy area.  What a discovery and how lucky we have been to see all this wildlife thus far and we are not yet in Alaska!  When I zoom in on my photo of the raptor and after referring to our wildlife book, I think the bird of prey is an immature bald eagle.  I emailed the photo to Don Gilles (our expert birder). Our only other sightings are some ducks in the lake, but on our way out, we notice some large birds overhead.    Even with the help of Dick’s binoculars they are indistinguishable.

Another stop at a serene lake with a nice hiking trail, and that ends our day.

There is really not too much to post as the town of Whitehorse has us at its mercy, although I can hear the scenic highways calling and can’t wait to continue “Joyce’s Journey.”

Tonight our campground of choice is the Walmart parking lot.  What the heck, it’s free and there is a lake across the way, and NO MOSQUITOES!


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  1. Dianne Elliott
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 04:40:19

    Did you get some bounce fabric softeners to prevent the mosquitoes from attacking you?? I guess WalMart is good for something other than clothes and food items. Keep enjoying. Love, D


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