Stuck in Whitehorse

July 20, 2012

With our check list complete, we depart our campground and return to John’s Auto Repair at 9:30 AM.  Travis, the mechanic is able to get the RV on a lift, and then gives us the bad news.  In his heavy accent he tells us he needs to send away for parts and it will take at least 4 days!  Travis is about 5’10”, has blue-gray eyes, a shaved head, and a stubby beard and is originally from Newfoundland.  He is a likeable and knowledgeable guy, so Dick trusts him and gives the okay to order the necessary items.  Fuel and transmission fluid are dirty and perhaps the celluloid problem (again).

Decisions must be made; spend the time in Whitehorse, or drive to Dawson City and return later in the week.  My motto on this trip; “Always prepare for the unexpected.”

My mind is overloaded with thoughts.  If I add up the purchase price of the RV and all the repairs (thus far), gas, the cost of campgrounds and extra supplies for the RV, it would be less money for us to drive our own automobile and stay at cheap motels along the way.  We could still experience the beauty of the countryside and not worry about high maintenance costs and breaking down.

Since there is a multitude of activities here, we check back into the same campground and plan our day.  A free concert in the park at noon is perfect and the lone performer on the circular stage, named Steve Slade, plays guitar and harmonica.  Dick buys his CD; we have a bite of sushi at a Japanese restaurant and then take a 2 hour riverboat cruise on the majestic Yukon River.

Leaving the parking area, always making sure we do not have to back up, Dick discovers a road that runs parallel to the river; the same route as the boat took and we are able to look down the canyon below.  Tomorrow we will return and do some hiking.

Some facts: Whitehorse was named after the historic rapids of the Yukon River, as it resembled the flowing manes of the white horses.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dianne Elliott
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 17:53:32

    Tell Dick that history is repeating itself, with the car. We were stuck in a town for 3 days with car trouble when we were traveling with our parents. Sorry about all the extra expenses, glad there is beauty all around you.
    Love, Dianne


  2. rb
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 05:16:34

    Thought the same thing Joyce. I mean about driving a car and staying in cheap motels. Still, an RV is an adventure in itself.


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