Yukon Territory and Moose

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This morning we wish happy birthdays to Dianne, Alex and Jim

.Unfortunately, we received a sad Email from Jason that our friend Glenn, whom we stayed with in Salmon, Idaho, died 6 days ago from an apparent heart attack.  Both Dick & I are in shock as when we saw him he seemed so excited and full of life.  We feel so fortunate that we spent those 2 wonderful days with him.  It makes us realize even more how short life is (he was 69) and to get out and enjoy every moment.

After a brief nature walk to Kluachon Lake we board our RV and head towards Watson Lakes, “Gateway to the Yukon.”  We now have a check list of items that need taking care of prior to our taking off.  So far there are ten!

Once again we are surrounded by nature’s beauty as we drive by lakes, rivers, creeks and trees while we nibble on sweet cherries and continue listening to our audio tape.  It is raining off and on, and the news of Glenn’s death has put Dick & me in a somber mood.

Dick asks me to drive, but before I say yes, I lay out some conditions.  “No yelling at me to speed up, no driving until the gas tank reads empty, and if I get sleepy I can stop”  So far, so good and off the side of the road, we spot a brown bear!  When we pull over, Dick whistles, but this guy is voraciously eating wild dandelions, he never looks up, but I still capture some of his activity.

A rest stop with a lovely view of a lake below offers us a nice stop for lunch.  Dick continues the drive with intermittent rain splashing our windshield.  Dick spots a female moose down below the roadside in a marshy area by a lake.  How he sees this when his eyes are supposed to be on the road is a mystery, but who cares as long as I get my perfect photo!  He turns the RV around and parks in a small turnout.  Unfortunately, the zoom lens on my camera cannot bring the moose up as close as I’d like, but Dick’s binoculars do the trick.  Then, from the dense copse of trees, out trots a calf joining her mama at the water’s edge!  We feel so lucky to witness this.

There seems to be problem with the RV’s  gear shift because reverse is not working.  We make it to our next stop, Teslin and find a campground by a lake and are told there is a mechanic nearby.  Dick will check this out tomorrow.

Our daily routine seems to drive 7-8 hours a day, taking in the landscapes of this splendid country and stopping at points of interest or animals, or whatever else there is to see.  Hopefully I can last for another month and a half as I think “the best is yet to come.”


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