Scenic Views and Black Bears

July 17, 2012

Adjacent to the ‘Ksan Campground there is a nearby Indian village and museum so after Dick prepares the RV for departure, we take a brief walk around the seven traditionally styled long houses as well as various totem poles and dugout canoes.

A drive through Old Town Hazelton to view some historic sites and then it’s off to Stewart.  The road to Stewart is a side trip of 65 KM and is one of the most scenic drives in North America.  The highway goes through towering coastal mountains whose slopes are capped with icefields and hanging glaciers.  Numerous waterfalls tumble down the beautiful mountainsides.  It is one of the only places in the world you can see glaciers close up from your vehicle.  And the Bear Glacier is the perfect place where there is a turnout for us to stop and eat lunch.  What a setting!

The town of Stewart is in B.C. and the next town over (2.3 miles) is Hyder, so we cross the Stewart-Hyder access road and are now in Alaska.  Hyder has 2 motels, a gift shop, post office, 2 cafes, a laundromat and museum, but everything is closed (except for one motel).  We turn around but when we show our passports to the guard at the border crossing, he tells us there are black bears in the vicinity and directs us to the dump where supposedly they hang out.  No luck, just a bunch of junk!  On our way out (again) as we are speaking to the guard, sure enough one black bear is crossing the street right behind us!  We lose sight of him, but see three young boys with sling shots on the road with their father and they point out the elusive bear.  We follow him over to the dump where he is rummaging around for food and finally I get a photo.

One more time we cross the border and on our way to Iskut on the Cassiar Highway we are fortunate to spot another black bear, this one so close to the highway it is scary, but Dick pulls off the road and I capture the most incredible photos ever!

What a full day of beauty and as we pull into the Mountain Shadow Campground, we are met by a mixture of sun, rain and a double rainbow!


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  1. Jim Peters
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 13:32:51

    We’re following your trip on Google Maps, very cool! The pic of the black bear is outrageous…….have fun! Jim, Riley, and Drew


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