Waterfalls and Animal Sightings

July 15, 2012

At 10 AM we leave our campground and head towards Prince George.  First stop; Athabasca Falls.

As I hike down the trail, I can hear the roar and feel the spray before the falls are in sight.  The volume of the river, make it one of the most powerful in the Rockies.  With each turnout and view-point the noise is deafening and the pavement below is slippery.   Who would think such a wonder of nature awaits us right off the highway!

On our drive, off the verge of the highway, we spot a female elk with her calf.  The mama elk has a collar around her neck which tells us she is being tracked by the rangers.  We decide to have breakfast in Jasper City, a popular ski resort.  Both Dick & I do not like it here; too touristy and the streets are filled with one souvenir shop after another.  Looking for insect repellant is almost impossible as all the stores are sold out!  I guess the mosquitoes have taken over.   At the local market, we pick up groceries and continue on our scenic journey.

Maligne Lake is the second largest glacier-fed lake in the world (don’t know the first), but as far as lakes go, this one is unimpressive considering all the others I’ve seen.

OMG!  I can’t believe it!  There is male elk in the meadow, right alongside the highway with the most massive set of antlers I’ve ever seen!  What a beautiful creature.  It is with great care I exit the vehicle and begin capturing the moment.  Dick whistles, and the elk lifts his huge head, allowing me a great shot.

The day is cool, overcast, and it is now beginning to rain, so we turn back and continue on to Prince George.   Wow!  The elk is now on the other side of the road, so once again I jump out of the RV and snap more photos of this incredible animal as he nibbles away at a Pine Tree.  I still cannot believe the size of the rack he carries on his head and wonder how he totes all that weight around, without toppling over.

As we enter British Columbia, we set our watch back one hour.  We have been without Internet for 3 days and I feel disconnected from family and friends, so hopefully our next campground will have wireless available.

Our next stop takes us to Overlander Falls where the Fraser River continues on to the Pacific.  As I hike down the trail, I am cognizant of bear in the area, and thankful we have not had to use the cans of bear spray Greg gave us back in Montana.

The rest of the drive is uneventful as far as animal sighting, and seven miles south of  Prince George, we find Southpark Campgrounds with full hook-ups, showers and wireless!


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