Lake Louise Area and Icefield’s Parkway

July 14, 2012

Although this campground has electric & water hook-ups, I take a shower on the premises.  It is 7:30 AM and with the hundreds of campers, motor homes and RV’s in the park, I am the only person in the bathroom (which suits me fine).  Some of the places we stay have only a pit toilet, but we make do.  I am thinking about my life situation this morning.  Last October I moved from a 4,000 sq. ft. home to a 900 sq. ft. apartment, to a 22 ft. RV.  Talk about down sizing!  And yes, I’m still struggling with electrical plugs, windows, water pumps and outlets.  Dick is a bit more understanding and is not being so quick to react.  He is disappointed with the campgrounds thus far as none have the views that he was expecting.  Dick cuts my bangs before we depart, and I now look like Ringo Starr of the Beatles!

We are now on the Icefield’s Parkway; often referred to as the most scenic drive in the world, and after driving on it, I must agree.  Glaciers meet us at every turn of the road; waterfalls, lakes, majestic mountains, rivers, and bridges across the highway made just for animals to cross!

Our plan today is the Lake Louise Area.  First stop; Moraine Lake.  Wow!  Known as the valley of the 10 Peaks, this area offers hiking, paddling and photographic opportunities.  Dick and I hike around the blue-green water that is surrounded by unbelievable glaciers and moraine rocks.  Wait until you see my photos!  We are so impressed by this area that we cannot pass up lunch at a small café with a view of the lake and glaciers.

Lake Louise is next and just as beautiful, but in a different way.  It is not so dramatic, but the emerald hue and glacial backdrop are stunning.  We hike around this lake and I am in awe with all this serenity and peacefulness that surrounds me.

Driving to Jasper, Dick is as excited as this is his dream drive along the Trans-Canada Highway.  He just can’t get enough of these magnificent glaciers and waterfalls.  At each turn, another surprise.  I don’t know whether to look straight ahead or side to side; afraid I’ll miss something.

At 4 PM, something is causing the traffic to slow up; there is a sighting of 2 black bears in the meadow!  Dick pulls over; I jump out with camera in tow and catch a glimpse of one.  He is eating dandelions and the ranger tells us that this bear is about 3 years old and the other bear (now out of sight) is his sister.  How thrilling is this?  What a perfect way to end an amazing day.

Tonight we are at Mt.Kerkeslin campground with only pit toilets and no hook ups, but we find a nice spot by the river and realize it is once again mosquito city!  Dick is building a nice campfire, while I cook spaghetti on our small stove.  Ah, the joys of camping.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jim Peters
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 14:13:06

    Joyce and Dick – Your trip is outstanding to follow! Keep those posts and pics coming. Love, Jim


  2. Shirley
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 03:09:01

    Joel and I were in Baniff 22 yrs. ago. I’m reliving that trip through your descriptions. We weren’t camping, but it would be a great camping trip. Why do you use the pit with a potty in the camper? I have a design to make your ‘in home’ potty more private. Too late for this tri, maybe the next. Joel forwarded his mail from you, but won’t have a computer access now. He’s leaving for Canada tomorrow morning. He loves the sceanery and the people wherever he stops. Love, Shirley


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