Canada, Here We Come

July 12, 2012

Last night Ed fixed us a spaghetti dinner with his famous sauce and as I was twirling the pasta around my fork, I could gaze out his huge living room/kitchen windows and watch the horses and sheep.  I’ve never had such an incredible view with my evening meal.  After dinner, we watched a recorded movie (Secretariat) on Ed’s T.V. in the kitchen area.

This morning, after Ed insists we try his choke cherry jam on English muffin, we are ready to continue our journey.  This has been an extraordinary visit as I’ve learned so much history about Columbia Falls from Ed and there is a book in the Visitor Center at Hungry Horse Dam with old black and white photos of days gone by, and included in this are two photos of Ed when he was just a boy!!  He was so elated that we stopped by to see him, as he tells us no one ever comes his way.

We cross the border into British Columbia at 12:15 PM, and pull over by a rest stop for lunch at 1:30 with a view of Overlook Lake.  On to Radium Hot Springs to take a look at the springs and buy an ice cream cone.  The scenic drive is filled with trees, rivers, lakes, cascades and jagged peaks reaching to the sky.  One thing I notice, the lakes are clear blue, but the rivers and streams are a milky green.

Johnston Campground is where we settle in for the night, but, YIPES,  mosquitoes are everywhere and I scurry to throw on my blouse, pants, hat (with mosquito netting) and everything else that’ s bug repellant.  It is still light when I fall asleep at 10 PM.


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