My Take on Camping (Thus Far)

Most of my blogs have been somewhat like a travel log, so now it’s time to give you my personal thoughts on camping.

Well, at the age of 70, I  find it a lot more difficult to do things.  I’m not mechanical at all, so when it comes to preparing the RV for the evening,  I tend to just watch Dick.  There is so much preparation; hooking up the electrical, gas connections, water.  Closing windows, opening windows,  putting up tables and putting them down.  Making up the beds each night, closing drawers, cupboards, sliding curtain across front window for privacy, etc.  Then in the morning,  reversing the procedure.  The area where I cook is very small as well as the sink.  No gourmet dinners here.  (Tonight hot dogs and beans.)  The toilet/shower area is a very small  (this is where my petite size has an advantage.)

It is no easy feat moving around in the RV, but we finally figure out a system.  Dick frequently gets impatient with me as I am slow and this is all new to me; a learning process so to speak.

This life is totally different from my daily Santa Barbara routine.  Sometimes when we are in a crowded RV park and I see the black electrical cords hanging out from the maze of vehicles, it reminds me of animals with long, black tongues.  I do love the beauty of America and the landscapes, rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, animals and all that nature has to offer, but for me, I think next time I’d prefer a few days in a hotel/motel/Inn.  I have not showered for 4 days (yuck) and my hair is stringing and unkempt.  I’m sure the mosquitoes are all waiting to get my blood. (They love me.)

I have only 2 more months on the road and of course I will continue on my journey as I am accommodating Dick with his life long dream of driving up the Alcan Highway.  Dick has been trying his best to understand my needs as well and for this I am grateful.  As always, without him in my life, I would have a very dull existence.

Keep tuned as I may turn into “Unsinkable Molly Brown” sooner than you think.

Big Horn Sheep in Badlands, South Dakota


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. john murley
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 13:46:00

    Seems like you two are living the Nomadic people heading to one destination to the next.Just for the heck of it maybe check into a hotel for a night or two it might be worth it for you guys.


  2. ricky
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 03:33:18

    I agree with you Joyce, Richard has added excitement to my life, which is hard to do, me being me. i agree with John Murley, a night in a motel about every 4 days goes a long way toward rounding off the rough edges.


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