Corrections and Additons

On my prior post I mentioned “Ten Sleep” had a population of 460, when it is only 260.

Also, I can’t believe I left out the highlight of our entire drive, thus far.   Between Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming there is a stretch of road named the Chef Joseph Highway.  When we reach Dead Indian Pass, we pull over into a parking lot off the road.  There is a walkway along side the bridge where the most spectacular view awaits.  Down below the massive carved out canyon, we look upon the Clark’s Fork of the mighty Yellowstone River.  Up above, a panoramic landscape which is truly indescribable.  (You will have to wait for the video)  The colors, the rock formations and the mountains, all make up this incredible vista.  After the battle at Big Hole, it is here where the Nez Perce Indians tried to make a desperate escape from the oncoming US Calvary.  Dick says this spot is comparable, if not better than the view of the Glacier Point Overlook n Yosemite Valley.

Other facts.

I have yet to use the shower in the RV as the campgrounds we stay at have adequate facilities.  My hair is scraggly as it is growing without a haircut in months.  My fingernails are long and jagged, skin is dry and I have not applied any make-up since we let Oregon.  I am becoming a real frontier woman!

The photo of the canyon is above.



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  1. Dianne Elliott
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 17:25:16

    Get me the oxygen and zanex tablets, but it is BEAUTIFUL.


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