On the Road

July 1 ,2012

After packing up the RV, we drive a few miles to Ketchum and eat a hearty breakfast at a quaint restaurant named Kneadery’s.  Ketchum is where Ernest Hemingway spent the last years of his life and he and his wife are buried here.  This is ironic for me, as I just finished reading “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.”  There is a small museum located in town, but it is Sunday, and closed for the day.

We head for Salmon, a small town in Lemhi County.  The drive over is one of the most scenic and beautiful my eyes have witnessed.  The lush meadows, ragged peaks, horses and cattle grazing along the highway, and the spectacular Salmon River running along side us, completes the picturesque scene.  I tell Dick, “if I was a cow, I would want to live here!”  The Sawtooth National forest is amazing and takes us up the Galena Pass, Pettit Lake, and the town of Stanley, where we find an open museum.  There we watch a movie on the history of the town and browse through the rooms of ancient memorabilia.

Stopping for lunch in Butte, Dick & I compare notes as to what we enjoyed most on our drive and then continue to our destination.  Once we arrive in the town at 7 pm, our host, Glenn meets us at a gas station and we follow him to his home.  It is a modest 2 bedroom, 1 bath abode, but our bedroom faces out to a creek which runs along his  back yard!  I see ducks, geese, deer, and muskrats.  Glenn is a friend of Dick’s who at one time lived in Santa Barbara.  He is 69, has a full head of white hair, and piercing blue eyes that seem to look right through you when you speak.  He is quite the talker and loves to boast about his town which he truly loves.  It begins to hail and so our barbecue dinner which he prepared for us must be on hold while we wait out the storm.   It does not get dark in this part of the country until 10 pm, so I  leave Dick & Glenn to chat outside among the wild life (and mosquitoes) while I retire for the evening.

July 2

Today Glenn wants to drive us to Panther Creek for a picnic lunch and it’ s a gorgeous day; blue skies and a temperature of 84 degrees.  On the way, Glenn gives us a talk on the history of Salmon.  He points out dilapidated mining shacks, mining cars and even an old mine.  He tells us of some people who live along the river even during the brutal winter months.  This town is where Lewis and Clark began their western portion expedition to the Pacific with Sacagawea guiding the way.  At Panther Creek, we each find a rock to sit upon and enjoy our lunch in the most serene and peaceful spot I could ever imagine.  Glenn tells us there are mountain sheep in the area, but I have been searching since we started our drive and have thus far, seen only herds of llama.  I am not disappointed, as on our our drive back, on the hillside, Glenn spots a family of the marvelous creatures.  I am so excited that I jump out of the car with my camera and begin capturing the moment.  Some of the babies are nursing, some of the sheep are on the road heading toward the river, while others are jumping and prancing from rock to rock.  What an incredible way to end the day.  One more stop before heading back; Dick wants to buy fireworks for the upcoming 4th of July and Glenn already shot some off last night and so takes Dick to the stand where they are sold.  We enjoy at light dinner at the house, and then go to sleep.

July 3

We depart at 8:30 and are now on our way to Montana.  Again, the drive is so amazingly beautiful.  Rivers, lakes, meadows, valleys, so much of a feast for the eyes.  Dick wants to stop at Big Hole.  This is  the battlefield where in 1877  the U.S. Cavalry ambushed and attacked the Nez Perce Indians.  We watch a short film and then take a guided tour along the historic trail.  Both Dick and  are fascinated by the guide’s story and events leading up to this tragic battle.

At 6 pm we arrive at the Yellowstone Basin Inn.  This is a bed and breakfast that is owned by Hope’s son Greg & daughter-in-law, Sabina.  I was here 7 years ago with my Women’s Group and since then, Greg & Sabina have built a beautiful 2 story home on the premises.  We stay in our RV as the inn is full and there is a nice spot for us to park, right along side the house.

July 4

Sabina tells us that fireworks are banned in the park due to the high fire danger, so we will have to keep them for a later time.  I walk down to the breakfast area where Sabina is working away in the kitchen making home-made goodies for breakfast.  Greg is busily chatting with the guests and I must say he s a wealth of information.  The day is hot, filled with sunshine and Greg is anxious to take us on a hike around the area.  It is somewhat strenuous, up a steep trail with rocks and burrs that stick in your shoes and socks.  Wow!  The view at the top is well worth the effort.  You can see the Yellowstone river below, Devils Slide and snow-capped mountains.  On the way down, we stop at a hot springs and walk along a small beach by the river, where there are groups of people in rafts, riding the rapids.  The rest of the day, we hang out with Greg in between his office duties (Sabina has taken her day off to go horse back riding).  Our dinner is eaten at the home and we end the evening playing Sequence.

July 5

We are thinking of going rafting today, but the weather is rather cool, so after breakfast in the eating area, we say our good-byes and head out toward Wyoming.  We drive through Yellowstone National Park, but take the road less traveled as we are stopping in Cody.  Greg suggested  we visit the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.  Along this road, I see herds of bison and  2 pronghorn antelope and not much else.

The museum is gigantic and we cannot possibly view it all in the time we have, so we narrow it down to 3 rooms.  Very impressive and perhaps one day I can return.  Finally we have make it to a campground for the night.  We are in Ten Sleep, population-460.  It is definitely a cowboy town.  We eat in a saloon, there is a rodeo right across from our campground, and there are cowboys and ladies line dancing in the street!

Only 2 incidents to report.  Dick got pulled over for speeding in Yellowstone Park (no citaton-hooray) and we almost ran out of gas on our way to 10 Sleep!

I’ll try to write more often so you don’t get so much information at one tme.

Happy Trails-Love, Joyce


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elaine Rudin
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 15:31:54

    Aren’t you pleased to be taking this trip!!!!!!!!!!! I know you left with some apprehension.


  2. smastman
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 23:08:30

    Your best writing yet. I felt like I was right with you. The Snows of Kilamanjaro has rubbed off into your creative mind. What an adventure! So glad you are enjoying yourself and experiencing this beautiful landscape. Stay well!


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