Exes, etc.

June 7

After spending most of our day at the Senior Center, participating in classes and dancing to a live band, we celebrate Drew’s 19th birthday dinner at Jim’s home.  Jim Peters is my ex brother-in-law but we still remain close friends.  The other family members include Jim’s ex wife, her husband, their 2 children and Drew’s girlfriend.  It is there that Jim tells me my ex husband’s wife is arriving in 2 days for Drew’s graduation. Are you still with me?  In all this weirdness of exes, etc. I find it fascinating that all these past lives have come together with no animosity and much love. Jim and his ex wife have 2 children together, so it is a mixture of extended families and I am happy that Dick & I are part of this.

June 8

Although there is a chill in the air, the sun is out and Dick & I hike along the trail by the Deschutes Rriver, a good 3 miles to the “Farewell Bridge.” (Photo included). Thus far, the only animals I’ve seen are deer, geese, squirrel and funny looking creatures named “rock chucks.”   I’ve yet to spot an eagle, but Michael tells me on one of his (many) bike rides he saw an osprey with a trout in its mouth soar overhead!  Our day ends with dinner and dancing at the local Elks Lodge, where we meet more friendly Oregonians.  So many connections to home.  I’ve met people who were born in Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, and Olivia & Rafael’s orthodontist’s mother lives in Santa Barbara!

June 9

Today we meet Carmen & Rafael (Michael is working; Olivia is at a girl scout field trip) at an arts & crafts event across from Bend Library.  It reminds me of our Sunday walk along Cabrillo, but on a much smaller scale. Michael loans us his car so we don’t have to deal with parking our R.V. and we drive back to our retreat in time to change clothes for Drew’s graduation party.  It is at his mom’s home, just about 1/2 mile from where we are staying and I remember spending a 4th of July there on a previous visit.  Lots of good food and a fun gathering.  Jim’s daughter, Riley, drove down from Corvalis, but has to leave early in order to attend her graduation from Oregon State on Sunday. (This is where Michelle Obama is speaking.) My ex husband’s wife is there along with her nephew, and fortunately I do not experience any awkwardness.

I hope all is well with family & friends and everyone is enjoying good health.

Warmly (the temperature is going to be in the mid 70’s next week; yippee),



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