May 31- June 3

Dick awakes at 5:30 A.M. and asks Kirk (he & Brian arrived the previous day) to drive him to Michael & Carmen’s home so he could pick up Michael’s car.  I think that very unusual and don’t find out until Kirk returns, that Dick has driven to the hospital!  The doctor checks him out, does an EKG and ALL IS OKAY!  He gives him a prescription for an inhalant and the report states he has bronchitis.  Apparently the high altitude and dry air is not the best for Dick and he complains of shortness of breath.

A few hours pass, and Dick is feeling much better, so we take off for a scenic drive to Benham Falls and hike along the trail.  It has amazing views of the lava rocks and the cascading river below and we find an ideal spot to sit and enjoy our picnic lunch while taking in the beauty and sounds of nature.  We check out a few more hiking spots along the roadway, and then it’s time to meet the grand kids at school. 

Last night we drove over to “Uncle Jim’s’ for a barbecue.  Jim’s son, Drew and his girlfriend were there as well as the rest of the Peters clan.  I love seeing the cousins interact, and Brian, even at age 19, still enjoys amusing  Olivia and Rafael.  We played ping-pong, croquet, and Bocce ball before stuffing ourselves with a bounty of delicious food.

Each morning we awake to a family of deer, and they seem to enjoy the salt lick Dick lays out for them.  I’m enjoying Kirk & Brian’s visit, although they often take off and do their own thing.  (Dad & son bonding?) Since Uncle Jim has taken on a part time job at a nearby golf course, he is able to get Dick, Kirk, Brian & Michael a ‘comp’ round of golf.  After Rafael’s baseball game, Carmen, Olivia, Rafael & I spend the rest of the day, swimming in the pool at our retreat.

This is Kirk & Brian’s last day, and we all get together for dinner at a restaurant in downtown Bend.

I do miss Santa Barbara (mostly the weather), but being surrounded by family, I feel very much at home.

Today is June 3. Kirk & Brian are up at 4 A.M. as their flight leaves from the Redmond AirportImageImageImage 6 A.M. I awake in time to give them a farewell hug and wish them a safe flight and happy summer.  I did miss my daughter-in law on this visit, but understand her work schedule could not allow her time away.








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